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Bio Herbal Indonesia is an Indonesian company engaged in the trading industry with a long history of many years. Even though we have been in business for a long time, we still prioritize the quality of our products.


BPOM Bio Herbal

POM Agency (BPOM)

The product is guaranteed safe for consumption, because it has been registered with the POM (BPOM).

Halal Bio Herbal

Halal Certificate

The products available on our website already have the MUI Halal certificate.

Fast Delivery Bio Herbal

Fast Delivery

Use a trusted courier and ensure the goods reach their destination.

Easy Order Bio Herbal

Transaction Easy

The ease of buying products can be through the website, e-commerce, and whatsapp.

CS Bio Herbal

Customer Service (CS)

Customer service is completely our priority and free consultation.

Herbal Ingredients

All the ingredients we use for the manufacture of daily products come from natural herbal ingredients that are safe to use.

Meticulous Work

Every work process from the production process to the hands of consumers, our team works wholeheartedly but also professionally. We ensure the quality of our products is maintained.

Delivery with the Best Service

The process of delivering products to consumers' hands by upholding the motto of consumer trust. Starting from the packaging that maintains the quality of the goods on the road to the timeliness of the goods arrived. Until now, we have sent thousands of products every month.

Bonus to the right customer

As a form of appreciation for trusting Bio Herbal Indonesia as the first choice, we provide benefits in the form of bonuses and various attractive promos every day.

Produk Terjual Agustus 2021

popular products

Best Sellers

Halal bpom

Hair Mask

Shampoo & Hair Tonic (Red Ginseng)

Minyak Kemiri

Body Goals

Underarm Cream Bio Herbal

VIP Collagen

Bio Herbal

paket lengkap aloe vera

Aloe Vera
Bio Herbal

produk breast cream herbal

Breast Cream
Bio Herbal

produk black soap bmks

Black Soap

produk eye lift gel herbal

Eye Lift Gel
Bio Herbal

all package olive oil hair tonic

Olive Series

beli 2 minyak urut bio

Minyak Urut
Bio Herbal

produk shake powder

Shake Powder
Bio Herbal

produk cream bmks web

Cream Gentlemen

produk shampoo ginseng web

Ginseng Series
Bio Herbal

produk body serum lotion web

Body Serum Lotion
Bio Herbal

Produk seaweed bio herbal web

Seaweed Series
Bio Herbal

Produk shampoo kutu

Shampoo Kutu
Bio Herbal

Bio Herbal Give Tips!

Tips For Overcoming Breast Problems

The solution is big and round solid, many women have problems with the breasts. Breast Cream products from Bio Herbal can be the right choice and the results can be seen within the first week of use.

Bio Herbal Give Tips!

Hair Care Tips From Experts

Dokter ahli

dr. Gloria Novelita, SpKK recommends using olive oil and for hair masks not to use it for more than 30 minutes.

Program Afiliasi Bio Herbal
Bio Herbal Indonesia Affiliate Program

Earn Money with Bio Herbal Indonesia

Affiliate Program has Commission Opportunity Up to Rp. 100,000 for every successful sale of Bio Herbal Indonesia products. Affiliate Program is a program that can generate a lot of profit. The program is a type of work to get a commission, if you succeed in getting consumers to buy products from the affiliate program.

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